Enhance your decision making with Machine Learning support. Make the most of your data and get accurate forecasts for 365 days ahead, recommended optimal prices, and targeted email campaigns.

Stay ahead of competitors

Create accurate demand forecasts linked to essential market data and your PMS

Benefit from the algorithm created by University of Cambridge mathematicians, that gives you the perfect rate at the right time to never miss a revenue opportunity

Undercut your competition on quiet days, and react quickly to sudden increases of demand to make sure you are always on the right price


  • Rooms sold and pickup curves
  • Room revenue, F&B spending, facilities spending
  • Includes source of revenue, distribution over user-defined market segments


  • Optimised rate recommendations
  • Autopilot for immediate reactions
  • Effective and automated email campaigns

Rate Optimsation

Giving you the perfect rate at the perfect time.

We track your bookings as they arrive, 24/7, 365 days a year. Using our Cambridge-developed machine learning algorithms, we combine this with competitor rates, historical data and a market analysis to ensure our system provides you with the most important rate opportunities.

Advanced Forecasting

Understand your Future Performance

Using cutting edge machine learning, we’re able to create the most accurate forecasts of your demand. Responding to real market conditions, including COVID, to give you the true picture of your performance and recovery.

Developed by Cambridge Mathematicians

Advanced Machine Learning

Using cutting edge machine learning algorithms developed by Cambridge University graduates to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. We combine data from every part of your revenue journey, from bookings, to marketing performance to in-room guest engagement to ensure that you can maximise your overall TRevPar.

Working with leading Revenue Managers


Combine historical data with current market dynamics and future trends to get the most accurate estimates of future sales

Price Optimisation

Know your expected demand, your competitors' prices and your customers' willingness-to-pay to get the right price with real-time automation

Marketing Support

Increase your marketing efficieny by creating campaigns your customers actually want to see. Avoid spamming and boost low-demand days

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