Monitor all your booking and competitor rate activity. Giving you complete view of your market performance.

All the information you need

Always be up to date with our comprehensive and easy to use Monitor platform

Our minimalist data visualisation approach ensures that you oversee your whole portfolio with ease and never miss key moments of reaction

Use our analytics tools to build your long-term strategy and identify areas that require imporvement


  • Multi-Property Views
  • Excel report exports
  • Track payroll spend

Live data

  • Competitor rate scraping
  • Pickup reports
  • Local events feeds

Powerful Multi-Property View

Easy to Use for Groups or Single Properties

We pride ourselves on providing you all the data you need in the most easy to use, simple, understandable dashboards. From novel “heatmap” year views, to focused day views. We remove the clutter to allow you to focus on what is important: making decisions.

The Ultimate Pickup Report

Easily Monitor your Booking Activity

Track pickup, pace, rate, events and STR performance at an instant in a simple easy-to-use page. Giving you the complete insight into your hotel performance in the past, present and future.

Competitor Rates

Tracking your competitor rates every hour

Understanding your competitors’ position in the market place is essential for making the correct pricing decisions. We monitor 365 days of competitor rates every hour, which surpasses anything currently available in the industry. Ensuring that you always have the most accurate information to make the most informed revenue decisions.

Full Hotel Analytics

View all Performance Metrics in One Place

Track your historic and future performance all in simple, easy to use screens. Track how you are performing against pace, by segment. Most of all it is designed to be used on any device, desktop, tablet and mobile, making it simple to access the data you need.

STR Integration to track how you compare to your competitors

PMS Connectivity

All your data displayed real-time by connecting to your PMS. We support connection to a number of various PMS providers

Multi-Property View

Oversee the performance of your whole portfolio easily, with our intuitive data visualisation solutions

Stay Informed

Access local events feeds, monitor your competitors' prices and spot areas to improve using our comprehensive analytics tools

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