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+£1M Campaign Revenue | +20% Email Open Rates

"As an operator of a diverse portfolio of independent hotels it is essential that every stakeholder in the operation has access to all the relevant data needed to make informed and timely decisions at their fingertips. The Hotel Cloud platform has helped us navigate the increasingly complex distribution landscape and remain up to date with the entire portfolio’s performance through its live revenue reporting. Furthermore, it has allowed us to identify and act upon revenue opportunities that we previously would have missed."

- Thomas Greenall, CEO, Bespoke Hotels

The Challenge

As Bespoke Hotels prepared the 34 properties in their Coast and Country Hotel Collection to reopen post-pandemic, they sought a way of easing time pressures on staff, while providing head office and on-property teams with consistent reports, regardless of the PMS each hotel employed.

Previously, reporting was labour-intensive: drawing data from a range of systems and manually inputting into a spreadsheet was commonplace. The commercial team was unable to easily marry up marketing activity with results, leading to anecdotal evidence about a campaign’s success.

All up, the inability to easily access the wealth of data the hotels held caused time-lags, with business-critical decisions often made too late to make a difference.

“We had all the data – not just for rooms, but also for F&B and other departments – but couldn’t easily access it in a digestible one-pager”

- Paul Fitzgerald, Portfolio Managing Director for Coast & Country Hotel Collection, Bespoke Hotels

The Solution

For the Coast and Country Hotel Collection - using a wide range of PMS across the group – it was the ease of connecting Hotel Cloud that first impressed the hotels and head office.

“Hotel Cloud is able to marry together all the different systems, generating a uniformed suite of reports. This enables us to easily provide guidance to our hotels and better pre-empt and react to market conditions. It lets the hotels gauge their performance in real-time too, shaping strategic initiatives to benefit both the short- and long-term business results.” continues Paul

As well as Hotel Cloud’s room reporting, the Collection found the Food and Beverage reporting unveiled opportunities for revenue growth.

The F&B reporting includes items such as spend per occupied room per day, and spending by segment. In one property, studying the report highlighted that just 10% of on-the-day revenue in F&B came from food purchases. An improved understanding of their guest profile encouraged the hotel to introduce more casual dining options, increasing spend on food to a total of 25% of current F&B revenue.

“It took Hotel Cloud’s visualisation of our data to help us see the gaps. Decision making is faster and more effective.” - Paul

Hotel Cloud has also fostered greater collaboration between departments. Used as the key reporting mechanism at weekly commercial team meetings, Hotel Cloud also offers a Promote module, with emails able to be triggered by pace and guest behaviours, as well as designed as part of a marketing campaign.

“Hotel Cloud deals in facts - it allows us to gauge the ROI of marketing activity with automatic promotional codes that link to bookings in real-time. This provides us with deeper insights into how our database behaves and what triggers them to take action. It’s revolutionised the way we do marketing across the group.” Paul elaborated

The Results

  • One-click reporting reduces manual labour, easing time pressure on staff
  • Empowers more timely and effective decision making
  • Over £1m organic direct business through Hotel Cloud emails in 9 months
  • Instantly pairs marketing activity with results
  • Provides clarity in performance across region, cluster and at individual property leve
“Working with Hotel Cloud, we have more confidence in forecasting and using the information in a way that has a speedy and positive impact on our business.”

Daily analytics are available in real-time. We can look at the performance of a region or cluster, or drill down into each individual property. Being able to showcase reports at the click of a button is brilliant – it saves a lot of time and frees the team to focus on strategic initiatives to improve our overall business performance instead of being bogged down manually logging data to create spreadsheets.”

“Hotel Cloud is a go-to tool for our business: pick up reports, trends, analysis –
it’s all there at the click of a button.


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