The Adapters Interviews Hotel Cloud CEO Amit Popat

January 9, 2023

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Join industry expert Séan Worker and Hotel Cloud CEO Amit Popat to discuss the Hotel Cloud story.

Discover how to maximise profit at every part of the customer journey.

Tips & Takes:

- By being Adaptive and Innovative, you can gain market share

- Sometimes focusing on individual puzzle pieces, you miss the entire picture

- Be open to change, open minds lead to potentially more opportunities


We have been advocates of build once, leverage multiple times. Hotel Cloud appears to have had that approach in how they built their architecture. In our view, this is enabling Revenue Managers to upskill and become more relevant, just when one would have thought that Tech advances might threaten the relevance of the role. Certainly, there are competitors, but Hotel Cloud has widened the lens to define new Stakeholders. The Adaption and Innovation we hunt for, appears to be a horizontal development attitude rather than tackling a single vertical in the tech stack. Keep connecting those dots!

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