Hotel Cloud Optimise

February 6, 2022

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Hotel Cloud Optimise

In today’s fast changing world, it is vital for hoteliers and revenue managers to make quick and well-informed decisions. As the pandemic showed, market conditions can change abruptly, requiring rapid interventions, while the effects of climate change and the potential slowing down of the global economic growth pose long-term challenges to the industry.

Having launched right before the first lockdowns, Hotel Cloud had the opportunity to demonstrate how essential the tools they provide are. With live and automated data processing, and the neat visualization of the Analytics dashboard, hotel managers not only have more time to build the right strategy, but it also allows to have a clear view of their business supporting the planning process.

Hotel Cloud now enters the next stage: utilising cutting-edge Machine Learning methods, we no longer only provide tools, but a partner in decision making. With Lead Data Scientist Mark Jenei, joining us after having finished his PhD in Cambridge, and a team of developers from top universities, we are launching the Optimise platform. With Optimise, we are no longer restricted to the past and present, but with our forecasts our clients are also able to get a glimpse into the future, allowing to stay one step ahead of competitors.

Mark Jenei

Lead Data Scientist

  • MSci Physics UCL
  • MPhil Scientific Computing Cambridge
  • PhD Materials Science Cambridge

Mark joined HotelCloud after finishing his PhD in Cambridge. His background in physics and computational chemistry helps us bringing a scientific mindset in overseeing complex systems, and ensures the high quality of the developed models powering the Machine Learning support in our products.


Be prepared. For one year ahead, we provide daily forecasts for rooms sold and revenue generated, along with the source of revenue, including food &beverage spending, or facilities usage. On top of the forecasts, we provide customer-type segmentation, allowing revenue managers to understand where their demand is coming from. Along with historical observations, our models build on the current dynamics of the market, and incorporates estimates of future trends, utilising the newest time-series prediction methods.

Price Optimisation

Ensure to always give the right price at the right time. Leveraging demand predictions, competitor prices, customers’ willingness-to-pay and the current conditions, such as occupancy and days left to sell, we use the methods of mathematical optimisation theory to provide price recommendations for each of your room types. Free of human bias and with immediate reaction to changing conditions, our price recommendations allows you to minimise the number of unsold rooms on quite days, and help to spot opportunities of more aggressive capacity control in busy periods.

Marketing Support

Connect to your customers. Automate your e-mail marketing campaigns and make them more efficient by targeting the right customer segment using Connect. We provide quantified success rate by giving the exact revenue generated as a result of a particular campaign.


Allow your customers’ to make the most of their visit. Increase your upselling by bringing personalised offers into the room, and relief the workload of your staff by the help of Alexa touchscreen devices and Voice.

A Data Ecosystem

What distinguishes Hotel Cloud in the industry is the spectrum of our products, allowing to smartly combine various sources of data a number of tools to achieve your goals. To illustrate, consider the price optimisation aspect: while other systems have only the price as means of controlling or reacting to the demand, we incorporate Connect to boost days of expected low demand with campaigns, which in turn are more successful when customer preferences are well understood, which is where the Voice platform comes into play. Having the whole data eco-system in house not only means more convenience for our clients, but also allows higher levels of integration.

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