Hotel Cloud at the Global Revenue Forum 2023

January 31, 2023

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Hotel Cloud at the Global Revenue Forum 2023

Hotel Cloud was proud to be at the Global Revenue Forum 2023,
and participate at "A new approach to Total Profit Management" session.

Hotel Cloud CEO, Amit Popat, discusses "Total Profit Management"

It was a brilliantly hosted event, bringing together the revenue management community from all over Europe.

In the most well-attended breakout session of the day, Hotel Cloud CEO Amit Popat was joined by Bram Van Berkel, Jason Pinto and Amrita Makkar, to discuss "A new approach to Total Profit Management".

Key questions answered included :

  • How can we utilise the tools that are available to us to manage the guest across their entire journey?
  • How do we track and manage the value of a guest?
  • How do we stop working in silos and get a revenue culture across all departments?

These are the core philosophies of Hotel Cloud, we aim to be that single source of truth across all departments.
Connecting across all key systems, from PMS, to payroll, to accounting. Breaking down the departmental silos to allow maximising revenue and profit across the entire organisation.

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