Hotel Cloud at The AHC 2022

October 4, 2022

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Hotel Cloud at The AHC 2022

Watch our exclusive talk at The AHC about how Hotel Cloud can break down the barriers between departments and drive revenue at every part of the guest journey, with:

  • Amit Popat, CEO Hotel Cloud
  • Albert Creixell, Head of Europe Partner Programs at Amazon Alexa
  • Edward Wilcock, Director of Revenue & Marketing at London Town Group

AHC 2022 proved to be an incredibly successful event for the entire Hotel Cloud team, where we were able to meet many like-minded hoteliers looking for a cutting edge technology solution to help guide them through the new challenges facing the industry.

Nikhil Shah, Thash Luchooman & Mark Jenei at the Hotel Cloud booth

Our complete Smart Hotel system can help guide you through our 4 decision making areas:

  • Portfolio Level Analytics - understand detailed booking, competitor rates, pickup information across your entire portfolio. Combined with payroll and costing information for total understanding of performance
  • Optimised Rates - maximise your booking revenue
  • Promote - tailored e-marketing campaigns to drive need periods
  • Smart Room - driving in-room revenue, with our pioneering smart room system: voice-activated lights/AC/TV connectivity for faster maintenance, room service and ultimately achieving lower energy consumption

The Hotel Cloud Team

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