Hotel Cloud at the Bespoke General Managers Conference 2022

November 10, 2022

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Hotel Cloud at the Bespoke General Managers Conference 2022


Hotel Cloud is very proud to count Bespoke Hotels as one our loyal customers, who have formed a key part of our journey.

Bespoke's COO Richard Grove discussing Hotel Cloud at the Bespoke General Managers Conference 2022

Beginning in Summer 2020, just as the pandemic restrictions were beginning to ease, Hotel Cloud was trialled to assist Bespoke with their portfolio reporting. Managing over 80 hotels across the UK, spanning multiple PMS, there were previously many manual processes and hours of extracts into Excel in order to monitor booking activity and rate strategy performance. The difficulty arose in that there were no real solutions to easily and quickly view the portfolio revenue strategy in one place – each was always viewed separately, in a different system, a different page, or a different report.

Hotel Cloud aimed to simplify and automate all these processes, providing real-time data across the entire portfolio, in simple easy to understand dashboards that work just as easily on the phone as well as desktop. Stephanie Carvell, Bespoke’s Group Revenue & Distribution Director oversaw the introduction of Hotel Cloud:

Hotel Cloud has totally transformed the way we work, I don’t know how we ever coped without it! The system makes reporting, analysing and decision making so much quicker and easier. The ability to see rate shopping, live availability, and pickup all on the same screen is so much easier than with other systems.

Previously it was extremely time consuming to review all aspects of performance. Now we can just click a button and see the individual hotel or
entire portfolio performance instantly in real time, all in the same format which is easy to read and understand.

It means we can spend more time taking decisions to
maximise revenue and control costs rather than generating the data to make the decisions from.”

- Stephanie Carvell, Group Revenue & Distribution Director, Bespoke Hotels


Fast forward to 2022, and we’re delighted to be used across Bespoke’s entire portfolio for both analytics and e-marketing, and have seen Hotel Cloud evolve and develop our offering together with the needs of our customers. This has led for example to the recent introduction of payroll spend analytics, bringing out key KPIs such as payroll percentages of revenue, as well as seeing the new development of our 365-day forecasting packages.

Working with Hotel Cloud has been an amazing partnership, their team really listens and helps develop the product to your needs, they are responsive and ahead of the curve, always looking at ways to improve the product to make it better for you, which is more important than ever in the fast changing hotel climate.”

- Stephanie Carvell


Kathryn Whittaker, Senior Cluster Revenue Manager at Bespoke demos Hotel Cloud

The Bespoke Annual General Conference 2022, is a key point on the calendar for Bespoke’s entire group of hotels, and we were delighted to be featured once again as their preferred reporting and e-marketing solution.

Stephanie Carvell at the Bespoke Annual Conference explains how Hotel Cloud can help drive revenue and cut costs

We certainly look forward to our continued partnership with Bespoke, and to seeing Hotel Cloud continue to evolve to meet all the needs for managing a portfolio of hotels.


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