Hotel Cloud Announces Amazon Alexa for Hospitality’s EU Launch

October 14, 2021

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Hotel Cloud Announces Amazon Alexa for Hospitality’s EU Launch

We’re delighted to be the first solution provider in the EU to launch with Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality Program, at the 72 room luxury Mercure Hyde Park Hotel.

This marks the start of the new “Voice” platform provided by Hotel Cloud, which we see as a defining piece in our hotel ecosystem. By improving the in-room experience, we enable hoteliers to further increase their customer lifetime value.

Using our advanced machine learning techniques, we’re able to provide the right recommendations to the right guests, increasing satisfaction, reducing staff time and increasing upsell revenue opportunities.

Another important benefit is that the reduction in guest queries reduces the workload on staff.  As a result, they’re much happier and can concentrate on offering a better customer-facing experience, improving guest satisfaction.

Additionally the voice solution can offer efficiency gains for housekeeping and maintenance staff, by allowing complete request tracking and pushing of updates straight from Alexa to the property management system.

We look forward to this collaboration with Amazon as we continue to offer more opportunities to our customers for delivering better guest experiences and increased revenues.

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