Make your hotels smart

Equip your hotel with the latest technology and increase upselling by installing the touchscreen Alexa Show smart devices

A support for both staff and guests, Alexa can make your rooms truly stand out. Relief some of the responsibilities of your staff by letting Alexa sorting out room service orders and simple requests, or use it to log maintanance checklists without the paper work

Alexa can replace the classic brochures, and help create upselling opportunities by personalised recommendations, while creating a platform to subtly advertise your products in room


  • Room service and item requests
  • Replace paper based maintenance logging
  • Integrate your smart devices, such as heating, lighting or media

Guest experience

  • Personalised recommendations: discover activities on site or explore the local area
  • Modify a booking
  • Platform for entertainment

Your Complete Guest Experience

Every part of your Property’s Guest & Staff Experience

Enhance every aspect of your guest experience, from supporting questions & answers about your property, to allowing complete integration and ordering with room service.
Enpower staff experiences, connecting cleaning and maintenance to your PMS via Hotel Cloud's voice solution.

Personalise Your Guest Experience

Easily Customise and Tailor Your Hotel Messaging

You can easily update and change your Alexa messaging at any time, ensuring you send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Giving the ultimate personalised concierge experience to your guests

Complete Reporting

Track Upsell Revenue and Staff Time Saved

By bringing your full room service options to the Alexa device, you make it easier than ever to increase customer stay value, with the power of ordering by Alexa. Understand exactly how customers are engaging with your devices, as well as the staff efficiency gains as a result of Alexa usage.

Amazon Alexa for Hospitality

Boutique Hotelier’s exclusive Amazon Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality webinar

The session, reveals how an immersive voice concierge service can help your property increase revenues, reduce costs and improve guest satisfaction.

Deep Ghosh, business development lead at Amazon Alexa Smart Properties and Amit Popat, CEO of Hotel Cloud, describe the benefits and use cases for boutique hotel operators.

Meanwhile, Edward Wilcock, director of revenue at Mercure Hyde Park London, shares his insight to how the technology has enabled the hotel to stay ahead of the competition in terms of revenue management and guest experience.

Room Service

Simplify the ordering process of your guests and make sure they don't miss their favourite products with our product recommendation system

Grand Hotel

Expand the borders of your hotel by providing a platform of your contracted partners to advertise on. Make your hotel a local hub of entertainment again

Room Management

Use Alexa to log or schedule maintenance works, and run your rooms cost effectively by adaptive heating and cooling control

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